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Starting June 1st, 2016, two new services will be available for you:

  1. Body Language (or Behavior Analysis)
  2. Life coaching for Couples

The price for the 2 new services, along with the traditional 1 on 1 life coaching, is 50 lei/ each 30 minutes (more than 3 sessions) or 100 lei/ each 30 minutes (1-2 occasional sessions). Each session can be as long as you want, from 30 minutes-a few hours.


Description of the services:

1. Body Language (or Behavior Analysis):

  • learn how to read a person’s body language and voice pitch (non-verbal & para-verbal)
  • determine through body language if a person is interested in you or in what you have to say
  • discover body language info that you won’t find anywhere – not in books, not online

2. Life Coaching for Couples:

  • improve your passion or communication with your partner by bringing them with you, for a life coaching session
  • a Life Coach can be a very effective mediator between partners, and things that aren’t said can be expressed easier when a life coach is present and when he asks the right questions
  • find out what’s missing to make your partnership work again, and fix it!

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