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1. Life Coaching:

  • 100 RON/ each 30 min. (1-2 occasional sessions), or
  • 50 RON/ each 30 min. (3 or more sessions)

2. (NEW!) Life Coaching for Couples: 100 RON/ each 30 min.

3. Business Coaching: 200 RON/ each 30 min.

4. Executive Coaching: ask for a price

5. (NEW!) Body Language (or Behavior Analysis): 100 RON/ each 30 min.


Any coaching session can last as long as you want.

I’ve had 5-minute coaching sessions to 6-hour coaching sessions, the time interval always being decided by you, depending on your time and budget.



A 1-on-1 coaching session with me can be held:

  1. At my office (1 hour minimum): Crangasi area, district 6, Bucharest
  2. At a coffee shop/ terrace (1 hour minimum)
  3. On Skype/ or Facebook video call (30 min minimum)
  4. On Facebook chat/ WhatsApp (75% efficiency compared to face to face life coaching, ideal for busy people who don’t have a lot of time and want solutions fast)