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ABOUT ME | TESTIMONIALSRazvan Costea | Life Coach

One of my interests is discovering a person’s true self.

I have no interest in seeing anyone’s appearances. We all have layers upon layers which help us cope to the outside world and its demands, and I love peeling those layers to discover that, almost always, the person hidden beneath, protected, is in fact fragile, good in nature and beautiful.

Layers like make-up, clothes, jewelry, possessions and social status protect us from rejection and make us beautiful in the eyes of the world, layers like physical or verbal aggression stop others from re-opening old wounds that make us vulnerable and bring back the pain.

We all are just like an oyster, hurting because of the grain of sand that made its way into its shell. The only thing it knows to do to protect itself is to envelop the grain in many layers and to build it into a pearl so that the hurt will stop.

The only reason for the existence of those protective layers and defense mechanisms is a scarred soul, and I simply thrive in helping it heal by bringing it up into the light, exposing its frailness and beauty so it can see itself and exclaim: “This truly is me, and I’m beautiful!”




1. Life coaching

“Razvan really helped me find, due to talks with him, solutions to get out of the problems that I myself was creating because of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I thought I did not need any help before I knew him, I thought I could deal with my own disorder, but I was getting deeper in it. He understood and opened my eyes, showing me that I can easily find the solutions in my own mind. Talking to him I became more aware of my problem, how easy it is to not pay attention to it in order to feel free and gained the necessary motivation to stop giving in to disturbing thoughts.”

Raluca Ghiorghiscan



2. Life coaching

“After this tumultuous weekend, in which the divine grace has accompanied me/us permanently, NOW I just realized that I was looking for a Life Coach, but I kept postponing the search for the right person and the start of the sessions.

NOW, I feel and know with all my being why the Universe has sent me my own and personal Life Coach, who will be guiding my footsteps all the way to the infinite source. A huge “Thank you!” for all that you offered me already and I wish with all my heart for you to be blessed and incessantly be showered with miracles.

I feel like the luckiest person on this planet for all that I am receiving from life and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for having you beside me. God bless!

P.S. I’m happy that you sense so well what people feel and that you subtly transmit to them your feelings, your true self and the infinite source in you, and through these things – shining a light in their lives. You have a tremendous number of qualities and I am amazed and happy at the same time to find them in you.”

 Mariana Basturea  

Mariana Basturea
Personal development adviser 


3. Business coaching:

“Razvan is a calm and open person, who pays a great deal of attention to subtle details! Razvan loves people and through all he does, he wants to help them live a better life, by supporting them to accomplish their personal and professional goals. A coaching session with him is an investment and a real gain.”


Catalin Mogoseanu, EMBA
General Manager


4. Life coaching:

“One of the things I’ve learned is that the people who can genuinely understand or guide you are those whose life experiences are oftentimes overwhelming.  Those experiences made them grow and uncovered all that is beautiful within, many times with the price of unimaginable suffering. These are the ones who are, to me, masters, and who can truly inspire you, beyond any books you may have read or classes and courses you may have attended and graduated.

Razvan is one of those masters. He is a person who possesses an exceptional ability to FEEL. Who is not afraid of parts of himself, of pain, because he is acquainted with them. Who sees the beauty in all things, and that includes each of us. By talking to him I felt like having a deep talk with myself, because he knows so well how to listen. Who wants so much to help people, because that is his calling.

Throughout the coaching session I felt angry, a few times I almost started to cry, because I was given the chance to look so deep within myself… But I found so many answers. Each one of those answers is a precious part of me, and for that, I thank him.


Alexandra Pavel 
Mathematics Teacher


5. Executive coaching:

“Razvan Costea is a special breed, a soul dedicated to people, willing to help at any time, willing to give anything he can so that the one standing in front of him, let’s say – in a coaching session, can understand the subtle threads of his own thoughts and thus, finally, find his own path by means of which he can accomplish what he wants.

Razvan is also a professional, whose knowledge in his field of activity is enriched and multiplied on a permanent basis, and at the same time he uses this knowledge to help the one whose presence he’s enjoying and seeks to guide him to his own and better path.


Cristian Radan
Managing Director 
Atlantis Projects & Consulting


6. Life coaching:

“I realized that if I don’t possess a strong and motivating will and a significant power over my own subconscious mind, I will never be able to defeat my own fears/complexes. We live, we learn, we progress, we evolve, or we fail… but most of the times, some of us don’t learn from our mistakes and we consequently repeat them indefinitely.

The talks I’ve had with R. Costea have been more useful that I expected.  Indeed, it matters tremendously to communicate with somebody who understands my expectations, who listens closely to what I have to say and tries to find a solution to my problems but – and this is an important aspect- through the light of my own thinking.”


Liana Pavel
Assistant Manager
Snake Trans


7. Writing (books / blog):

“(Razvan, your writing) has inspired readers such as myself to pause, think, reflect and as in my case, even write in to respond. Even if this was a partial goal in your motivation for writing, know that it was met with a resounding success. There are few thoughtful writers of your caliber and I wish you the best in the continuation in all of your future endeavors.”

daniel rounds

Daniel Rounds
Artist, writer, teacher


8. Life coaching:

“Razvan, thank you for the warmth, sensitivity and kindness you have shown me during our session. I appreciate that, although your gift to me was 20 minutes of coaching, you gave me a whole hour and helped me keep on track, offering me guidance and helping me find an answer to what used to be my problem.”

Stefania Cristina Irescu

Stefania Cristina Irescu
Owner & Photographer
Stefania Cristina Irescu Photography



9. Executive coaching:

“In the past 3 weeks I hadn’t made any sales or rented any houses, and I got to be pretty stressed out about my ability to pay my bills and about my financial stability as a whole. I worried so much that I had migraines frequently.

After 5 minutes of coaching with Razvan (I didn’t know it was coaching – I found out afterwards), I completely changed my mood, I clearly realized what I had to do and I felt so motivated that in the next few hours I closed contracts where the commission alone was 600 euro.”

executive coaching

Daniel Tudorel
Real Estate Broker


10. Life coaching:

“After just one discussion with Razvan I learned to love myself and accept myself just as I am… I learned to be happy like a child for every gift life is giving me.. A sincere smile…  A ray of light… a sincere embrace.”

Razvan Costea Life Coaching

Beatrice Ana-Maria Spiru
COOP Group, Switzerland


11. Life coaching:

Session day:

“The life coaching session I had with Razvan helped me a lot, especially to figure out that I have fears in my life that I didn’t know how to overcome… and because of our discussion I managed to see where they come from. I didn’t know which road to take in life, that was right for me, but now I see things clearly and I have two paths to choose from.

I realized that I have to go by my intuition and do exactly what I feel… I’m still a little confused :))) One thing is for sure though: I will not give up what I want to do… And I think there’s something else I need more of… patience, it doesn’t last too long 😦 “

The next day:

“I have to create joy and pleasures by myself and love myself more, so that I won’t have to be dependent of what other people are offering me… This is what I feel now 🙂 ”

Florentina Voinea life coaching

Florentina Voinea
Owner, Beauty salon



12. Life coaching:

“I don’t even know whether I thanked you or not…Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you’ve made me realize a lot about myself, about what I feel and what I believe would make me happy.

I guess you appeared exactly when I needed someone to help me figure out what the true values in life are, and the things that truly matter. I hope to find myself again, and not be so hard on myself all the time 😉 Thank You 🙂

UPDATE after 2 days:

“You really are the person with whom I could communicate without holding something back. And it’s very cool. I felt I could tell you anything without the possibility of you judging me, and also that you could help me answer my own questions. And find answers to what I feel and live in this period of my life.”




13. Life coaching:

“Made me trust myself better than the psychologist . Made me feel that I could succeed in what I want to acheieve.Maybe not trust, but become conscious of some qualities within myself.

Very attentive when he speaks, not to offend or not to say something that could be wrongly interpreted. Sharp minded It was stricking that everything he said I could do seemed so abstract until one day when it became clearer. I listen and tell him “that s difficult, I cannot do his,I have never relaxed my mind. I cannot stay 30 seconds without thinking.” It seems like a normal conversation ,but somehow without realising, he helps you concentrate on what is important for you, on what would make you hapy. Identifying what is not working in your life and why, how much of what you consider failure is because of you or the environment, bad choices, being with peole or in places that are not suitable for you.

The abstract hapiness that comes from inside and you think it s just a dream that can t be brought outside is still , with the right guidance, achievable. It s another kind of therapy, slightly different from psychiatry and psichology. Easier to be understod but certanly not easy to be applied. His personal opinions are out of the ordinary ‘ I met people I didn’t know they existed” I think he percives people in a way that few of us do. Empaty and extrasensoriality . I am nt that good to identify .I would say talented at exploring the human mind and behaviour. I feel hostility and I feel the pain of the persons I love, but I think he can feel this and much more arround any person . He helps you..put your life in a different prespective, open your wings& fly, overcome your fears.Kind of wakes you up even in a toucher way ‘ Why would like and love you if you don t love yoursef”

Through conversations you get to identify what was wrong, so you won t repeat the same patterns in your love or professional life. You also get to find ways to make yourself happy even if it is difficult to find people like yourself, people to be satisfied with.To like yourself so much that nobody will dare underestimate you. Brings in yourself the real you, the person you are and the person you should see in yourself. Shows you that it is healthy and not arrogant to see yorself, to see your capaciites, to show them to the others. I intuitively trusted him from the beginning and it s conforting and amazying to see that a person can open a whole universe for you, your univers He won ‘ t stick anyting on your throat,as you would maybe expectfrom a life coach. No manipulating or elevating ideeas. As I told him, he wasn’t a manipulating fanatic NLP guru.

I started believing in my qualities,I stoped chasing man that no matter how much I tried to show them how I am, wouldn’ t observe me. And this ,naturally, makes me feel much better. I would’ n waste my time anymore on trying to convince anybody .I could relax after years of struggle.. a little, it will be more in time. For sure he has more to show from his abilities and personality. You feel yourself in his presence, not overwhelmed at all Makes you trust yourself in a different way. I asked him for a second opinion about something that I felt and he said that if I feel the vibe, I don t need any second opinion, that what I feel is right. It ‘s sweet that he always says something valuable. He makes me smilein my mind.”


Monica Radu

Customer Service Executive, Honeywell



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