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Bitcoin donations accepted! 

(donate bitcoin here: 18Kk1jBnxATBzs55cFSZxRvrVwMFyH2FTm , or scan QR code to the right)


My mission is to help change people for the better by offering them a better understanding of of how things work in this Universe.

The proof: my 3 books, published on Amazon, my blog articles (earlier ones in English or bi-lingual, most are in Romanian but can be easily translated through Google Translate), and all of my website, that depicts an overall image of what kind of person I am and what I’m about.

Though the road to helping people is a beautiful one, sometimes the lack of financing is a huge obstacle in achieving that end, experience has shown me.


Your bitcoin donations will be directed toward helping me change people for the better, through:

  1. Better promoting my self-help blog articles and books (buying campaings on Facebook and Google Adwords in order to reach as many people as possible)
  2. Financing professional filming for motivational videos
  3. Financing speaking events which will promote a better understanding of ourselves and of how things really work in the Universe and ultimately affect our emotions, health and lives (travel expenses and paying for venues where the speaking events would take place),

in the order stated through the numbering above.

As soon as I raise enough bitcoin to achieve these goals, I will notify those donors who will leave me their email address of the progress I’m making, through a 1-time-only email (in order to not bother you constantly with emails each time I have an update). The way it works is as follows: after your contribution and as soon as I raise the equivalent of minimum 1000 US dollars in Bitcoin, I will send you a 1-time-only email, which will contain a link to a page on my website. That page will have all the updates of my progress, in chronological order, and you will have access to it only by clicking on it, in the original and only email you will get from me. You will not be bothered with a second email from me ever again.

This campaign is 100% transparent, and I am grateful for each and every donation. For extra transparency, my contact details can be found here. My contract with you is TRUST.

Thank you for helping me make the world a better place for us!

Razvan Costea


page updated: 21 Nov 2017

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