The best things in life are free

best things in life are free

I must say that the person who spoke those words was very wise, and if you look around you and at your life you’ll agree.

You will discover that the life lessons that changed your destiny for the better and you as a person came free of charge.

You didn’t have to pay anything for them, not money, not anything else. They just happened.

You will see that the things you love most are free.

Happiness is free, love is free, life is free, communication is free, freedom is free, health is free, dreams are free, imagination is free, discovering new places and people is free, looking at the sunset is free.

The mistake we all make is that we relate it all to money, but the thing is that we were not born with money in our hand, instead we’ve had everything else that is free and which I described above.

We seem to think that money buys happiness, health, freedom, that money takes care of anything, but there are examples of people who didn’t have money but have all those other things, and one of those examples are children, who do not have money and yet are happy and have everything they want.

It’s a mistake to think that life is a struggle and you have to survive. Life is a gift, I said it before, and you have to thrive. Use those free things that were given to you and you’ll see everything else will come as well, money included.

Take advantage of the freedom that is inside of you, the love inside of you, the happiness inside of you as often as you can.

They can build bridges for you to new places and people who will propel you forward, to new experiences and to a future which will seem brighter and brighter.

I believe that is how life is supposed to be, happy, free and full of love. Not mine alone or other people’s, yours also.


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