male bonding

Men are genetically predisposed to hiding their feelings.

For a man, sharing his feelings with another man is the equivalent of looking at that man at a urinal. You know what I mean.

We have a tough time connecting to other men in the way women do with other women.

We need reasons to connect.

Men connect to each other especially when alcohol is around. Alcohol is a reason, an intermediary if you will, an excuse to connect.

I personally don’t drink. I do not like alcohol.

And not because I used to drink a lot or someone in my family did that uncontrollably. I’m just not compatible with it. I drink beer maybe once or twice a year, on special occasions. Champagne as well. Wine, only in combination with soft drinks.

That being said, whenever I am in a group of two or more men, everybody is pressuring me to drink. They feel the need to connect with me and for that they need an intermediary. Alcohol.

That’s why I seem to better connect with women. They express themselves easier, in a more simple way.

Because of that, and many more, men need women. Women put men in touch with their emotions and that creates a powerful connection.

That being said, I connect with men too. Some men. Especially with those who are not afraid to say “I’m happy” or “This makes me feel good” or “I feel lost”  or “I’m scared of that”.

But they are scarse and hard to find.

Sometimes, I wish they are not.


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