Magic happens!

Razvan Costea - Magic happensLast evening I spoke at an event, in front of almost 100 people.

The topic, set by the organizers ( was “The break”, and I chose to incorporate it into a story about my life, and share with the wonderful people there how I found my true path in life.

On my way to the event I was pretty nervous, and I was struggling with fear of speaking in front of all these people. The difference is, whereas on different occasions in my past I chose to let that fear control me and give up whatever I was doing, this time I chose to act, in spite of it.

I knew that deep down inside I wanted to be on that stage, and that desire was stronger than the fear. Little did I know that life would reward me in the most surprising way for this decision. Continue reading

The power of example

power of exampleA few days ago I attended a networking event. One of the reasons why I go to these events is to overcome my fear of talking to strangers.

By going to more and more events I gradually started to feel okay and the feeling of resistance to going and meeting someone new, in time started fading.

But I still have some apprehension about it, and that translates in a need to take a break and leave the group once in a while, and then come back for some more punishment.

The event itself was nice, almost 100 people have been there. But the nicest thing happened after the event. It’s a true, inspirational, real-life story. Continue reading