The power of example

power of exampleA few days ago I attended a networking event. One of the reasons why I go to these events is to overcome my fear of talking to strangers.

By going to more and more events I gradually started to feel okay and the feeling of resistance to going and meeting someone new, in time started fading.

But I still have some apprehension about it, and that translates in a need to take a break and leave the group once in a while, and then come back for some more punishment.

The event itself was nice, almost 100 people have been there. But the nicest thing happened after the event. It’s a true, inspirational, real-life story. Continue reading

What exactly is “Respect” ?


Everyone knows what respect feels like, but each of us has a different perspective on its meaning.

Some say that respect can be defined in the situation where someone is superior to you in some form or another, and you feel that what they do is above your powers, be it education, speech, possessions, aspect or skills.

Others say that respect is something to be earned and, until that moment comes, they feel compelled to disrespect or generally treat others with superiority.

Some say that respect is defined by Continue reading

One grain of sand

All of us should remember that we’re a mere grain of sand on the beach of the Universe, a microscopic one at that. In the vastness of the expansion, in the infinite diversity, we’re but a fleeting whisper. And we should remember that when we think our problems are big.

All of the above considered, we’re an intricate part of this huge energy machinery, and we’re important, and we matter. Each and every one of us! Remember that!