You love this feeling.

And each time you feel it you wish you could bottle it and save it forever.

Seldom though can you do that, capture it for a long period of time.

We’re all so sensitive to each other, that even a tiny amount of negativity can throw us off balance and lose a little bit, if not all of our happiness.

Hard come, easy go. That’s how it is with happiness.

All you can do is treasure it when you feel it and try to feel it for as long as possible by empowering your own voice and thoughts rather than other people’s.

Remember: it’s YOUR happiness. Don’t give it away.

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new friends urgently wanted


new friends urgently wanted

Hey everybody!

Today I’ve decided I’m going to start fresh.

And by that, I mean that a well-deserved infusion of quality friends is in order, starting today.

All my life I wanted a close friend to talk to, to share my feelings with, who won’t judge me and who will support me in my endeavors. I guess that is a residual need of the fact that I was an only child who had always felt the need for a brother.

I never had such a friend. I had substitutes, friends with whom I shared experiences over fixed periods of time, after which our lives took different paths for one reason or another.

I ended such a friendship with a friend from childhood, who, when my father died, said he‘d be there for me no matter what. On the day of the funeral, there was no sign of him. He didn’t even call. I called him, if you can imagine that. He said, “I can’t make it, today I have to go to college.”

Another good friend was a classmate from high school. We shared a lot and had some common life experiences, which cemented our friendship. He also lost his father a few years before I did.

Our roads separated when he got married and moved to the United States, but we kept talking over the internet. One day he said to me: “Soon I’ll get a divorce, it’s not working out anymore. And I’ll never get married again, for as long as I live”.

We continued our conversations, and at the time, I was trying to fix him up with a girl who he previously said he liked. A few months later, out of nowhere, his Facebook marital status changed from “single” to “married”.

I was baffled. He married a girl without telling me anything, leaving me looking like a jackass in front of the girl I was trying to fix him up with.

He said nothing to me during all those months of “sincere” conversation, although he knew he‘d get married. He never even told me that he had a girlfriend, let alone about his intentions of tying the knot.

He motivated this silence by saying it was meant to be a surprise. Except one thing: most of his friends and family knew and I didn’t. I thus concluded that he didn’t necessarily need me among his friends and because of that I never talked to him again. Considering also the fact that he didn’t contact me either since, I’m sad to say I may have been right.

Right now I have friends, but most of them do not understand who I am, what I’m about and the path I’m on. Sometimes I feel very alone in deep conversations about spirituality and I ask myself: “What am I doing here?”

Everyone seems to have a negative view of their own life and appear to be imprisoned in the shallow part of their existence. Some don’t get along with their parents, partners, hate their jobs, others enter bad relationships, feel trapped and complain continuously, and all of them seem to lack money, even if some earn very well.

Well, I’ve had it!

I’d like a fresh batch of friends, please! Hold the negativity!

I need happy people around me! I want positive people who have very few things to complain about, who are sincere, open and willing to do anything to help others when they are in need. I want friends who will add value to my life, as I do now with my present friends but fail to get feedback.

This is the ideal portrait of the people who I’d like to meet: men and women, aged whatever, with a positive outlook on life, optimistic, full of energy, eager to help others without expecting anything in return (like me), smart, who can carry out a sincere and deep conversation without blowing it along the way, love to connect and meet new people, who love to travel even if sometimes they lack the money, non-judgmental, willing to listen and, last but not least, funny.

So there you are. Even if you don’t fit the pattern fully, that’s ok. Just be happy, positive and smart and you’re ok in my book.

Now, a little bit about myself, because I like to offer something for what I’m getting.

I’m 34, and I’m from Romania (Europe). It’s a beautiful country, home of Dracula and his castle, and encompasses all relief forms: sea, lowlands, hills, mountains and a one-of-a-kind delta. You’ll find two short videos about Romania on my facebook page.

I am an author, I’ve written three inspirational books so far (with a couple more on the way) and my dream is to be a published author and life coach in the United States. Although America is the land where I feel I belong, so far I’ve never been there.

My goal is to earn 1 million euro, which will enable me to live the life I want.

I love to travel, I love meeting new people.

I love to drive long distances, I enjoy nature and looking at the sky.

I love people and I love helping people.

I’m a good listener, and I’ve often heard from others say that I offered them sound advice and spiritual support when they needed it most.

I like to think of myself as being smart.

I have had a negative life, which I have successfully overcome, I always tend to be positive, except the fact that I’m a little people-sensitive, and because of that a negative person who is close to my heart seems to have it easy getting me down sometimes.

I like having friends of both sexes, and I have to say that I seem to better connect with women, especially the ones who have an intelligence level above average. That doesn’t mean I won’t be able to connect with men. In fact, I welcome the thought of having a man for a best friend.

If you are inspired to contact me and feel the same as I do about quality friends, then I can’t wait to meet you! Chances are: if I’m looking for you, you are looking for me.

If you’re such a person, get to know me! Visit my blog, my Facebook page. See if you like my writing and my views about life. Write to me, ask me anything you want. And, most of all, follow your intuition. If it feels right, be my friend, if not, don’t. I’ll do the same.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.



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