This is who I am


“One of my interests is discovering a person’s true self.

I have no interest in seeing anyone’s appearances. We all have layers upon layers which help us cope to the outside world and its demands, and I love peeling those layers to discover that, almost always, the person hidden beneath, protected, is in fact fragile, good in nature and beautiful.

Layers like make-up, clothes, jewelry, possessions and social status protect us from rejection and make us beautiful in the eyes of the world, layers like physical or verbal aggression stop others from re-opening old wounds that make us vulnerable and bring back the pain.

We all are just like an oyster, hurting because of the grain of sand that made its way into its shell.

The only thing it knows to do to protect itself is to envelop the grain in many layers and to build it into a pearl so that the hurt will stop.

The only reason for the existence of those protective layers and defense mechanisms is a scarred soul, and I simply thrive in helping it heal by bringing it up into the light, exposing its frailness and beauty so it can see itself and exclaim: “This truly is me, and I’m beautiful!”


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