Being an actor in your own movie

Actor in your own movie

Each one of us, at one moment in our life, has been a subordinate. Most of us still are, to this day. None of us likes it.

We all dream of being free to make decisions that are beneficial to us, instead of following instructions that, in most cases, are detrimental to our well-being.

We dream and dream, but fail to act.

Opportunities fly by each day, but we are so busy that most of the time we don’t even notice them.

And, when we do, we delay making a decision because we are simply too scared to take the chance.

We’re scared to death of failure and we are scared to death of serious change.

That is, without a doubt, one of the top 10 flaws of humanity.

We’re scared of failure and change, because automatically we think that the failure will hurt us and change our life for the worse.

For that reason, it’s easier for us to delay any life-changing decision, and that is how we could explain why some of us live in the same house, in the same city, in the same country and have the same job for decades or even our entire life.

Think of your current life as a movie, and you as an actor in it. Now you follow the director’s instructions, but think: aren’t you supposed to be the director?

Don’t be just an actor in the movie that is your life, don’t follow directions, take charge of it, be the director!

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