We live dual lives.

The real one and the one we want others to see.

The latter is meant to project an inflated image of ourselves so people can say: “Wow, your life is great!”. This is illustrated especially on social websites, where everybody likes to brag.

They post their absolute best pictures, their new car, the places they’ve visited, their loving relationship and so on.

However, in reality they may hate the way they look, they may have bought a car with the sole purpose of impressing others or because they don’t want to feel inferior, they hate their partner or may even be separated.

There’s no sense in hiding it, even I did a few of those things some time ago, and so does the overwhelming majority.

The reason why I’m not doing it anymore is that I came to the conclusion that the only person who I need to prove something to is myself.

What great lengths do we go to in order to show others what an amazing life we live, when in reality we are in pain.

Why do we do that? What kind of life is that?

We live a life that is not our own, it is for the sake of others. We do not enjoy a vacation any more, we only take photos to show others where we’ve been.

We accept jobs where we feel miserable and unappreciated, only for the title or the money, or both.

Stop it! And LIVE!

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