The “What if?” syndrome

what if syndrome

The society today suffers from anxiety. Most of us do.

We are stressed, we are afraid. Afraid of many things. Of tomorrow, of other people, of responsibilities.

Afraid to get sick, afraid to drive, afraid to go outside, afraid of the future, afraid to get robbed, afraid to speak freely, afraid that you’re trapped, afraid of being alone, afraid for your children, afraid of risk, afraid to die. Afraid of being afraid.

In the last few years I’ve witnessed a lot of people around me suffering from anxiety.

Some couldn’t go outside at all, some couldn’t be alone, some being afraid they’ll get ill. “What if I collapse on the street? What if something bad happens to me? What if I can’t control myself and get suicidal?”.

All of those things are built-up fears and stress.

Over the years we became accustomed to taking those fears and hiding them somewhere inside of us instead of dealing with them.

But, inevitably, that cup of fears will be filled and the body will say “Enough!”. I believe that is the time when the anxiety manifests. So, it’s important to confront those fears, realize what you did wrong and fix it once and for all.

That translates into some “down time”, taking a break from all the worries and concentrate on yourself.

You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for others, there is no need to compromise.

Only you are important, and if you learn to love yourself and trust that you will be ok no matter what, then you really will.

Bit by bit your anxiety will melt away and you will have yourself back.

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