LOVE: simple and efficient

love - simple and efficient

Love is one of the most powerful things in the Universe, if not the greatest.

It moves everything, matter, energy.

It symbolizes our attachment to our origins, to everything around us.

Did you know that every atom in your body was once part of a star?

It is true. So we are only stardust, which relates us with every animate being or inanimate object in the Universe.

We are all brothers and sisters, in some form or another. We are matter, but what is matter, if not condensation of energy?

Love is energy, energy that uplifts us, gives us wings.

It has numerous forms, varying from love for a person, for the Universe as a whole to love for an animal or even an object.

Any form it might take, it is still love and we have to capture it and make it a permanent part of us.

Any definition we try to give love, it doesn’t seem to give it justice, it is simply not enough.

Love cannot be explained in words, everybody has to simply feel it to understand.

It exists in everything around us, and that includes us.

So, if you feel you lack love, don’t look around you, instead look inside of you, because that is the place you must find it in first.

Love is also the antidote for fear, so you had better remember this: when you are overwhelmed by fear, feel love for something or someone. That will be enough to defeat the fear and it will bring inside of you the good feelings you’ve been longing for, and it will do that every time you call for love.



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