Body & Age

body & age

I believe that the human mind controls the body, which also means that the body is the perfect reflection of the mind.

Over the course of our lives we are exposed to stress constantly, and, if we succumb to that stress we age prematurely.

For instance, earlier in my life I was exposed daily to stress and I didn’t know how to deal with it.

That stress manifested inside my mind for years and I was affected by it.

My face begun to look wrinkled, my hair started to fall off, and I think that’s anybody’s story, in some form or another.

When I finally found a way to release myself from all that stress my body started to regenerate itself and, over the course of just a couple of years I started to look younger.

I am 34 now and, when I ask somebody who doesn’t know me how old I am, they won’t give me more than 28.So I look six years younger than I am, and that makes me happy.

Most people that are 30 think that is the turning point in their lives, the body starts to decay slowly after that, and that triggers all sorts of panic instincts, like: “Let’s get married, most of my friends are”, “I wanna have a baby until it’s too late” or, my favorite, “I haven’t accomplished anything by now!”.

Were you supposed to accomplish something in the first 30 years of life? When you were born, did you come out of your mother’s womb with a piece of paper in your hand that said what you were supposed to do with your life?

I think not, as you are free, and, although society has so many standards, your only goal in life is to enjoy it and be happy.

I don’t personally believe that at 30 the body decays, as I saw forty-five year olds who look like thirty-five, sixty-year olds that look like thirty-five, and I even saw a person on TV who was thirty but looked like he was fifteen. Age is not something you should concern yourself with. By obsessing over how old you are, you will age even sooner.

Your real age should be the age you feel inside. If you feel twenty inside, it doesn’t matter if you are seventy. 

I saw the other day a documentary about people living in a tribe in Africa who didn’t know how old they were, because they didn’t care about their age and didn’t keep count.

Isn’t that cool? Sometimes I think we have a lot to learn from these people. They live simple lives and, even if some call them savages, they are happier than most of us.

Enough about the age, let us talk about our body for a while. You may find this hard to believe, but my opinion is that the human body can survive well over 150 years, granted it’s treated properly.

And by that I mean paying attention to what you have on your mind. Because those two are closely related, you will see it’s logical that a healthy mind translates into a healthy body. On the other hand, a mind filled with worries, stress, fear and panic will result in a not so healthy body.

So, if you want a healthy body, you must….

I know what you are expecting to read. That you have to eat healthy, you have to exercise.

Those things are important too, but in my opinion the mind is at the utmost importance. And I say that because I saw people who lived healthy lives dying sooner than regular people, who eat whatever and not exercise, but also the opposite.

They say smoking kills you, but I saw in the news an old man, age one hundred plus who smoked since he was young and lived a regular life, no healthy food or more than usual exercise. But he looked happy to be alive. So, the continuation is:

… let go of all the negative stuff that influences you and concentrate on your dreams and on being happy.

That is the conscious part of it and, in time, all disease will leave your body, as your subconscious will slowly purge the negative beliefs about yourself, granted you keep on moving forward and not come back to your old negative ways. That is the secret to longevity and health.



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