party masksParty masks are an intricate part of our entire existence.

We use them everywhere and with everyone. At work, at home, in public, with friends, relatives, with people we don’t know.

We use them for two reasons:

1. We are ashamed that we haven’t accomplished enough and because of that we feel we might not be accepted,

2. We don’t want others to feel good because we’re miserable.

We use those party masks so often that we sometimes forget to take them off and wear them for the better part of each day. This has a consequence: it buries your own self under so many layers and locks it behind so many doors and for so long, that you simply forget who you are.

And that also has a consequence: it turns you into a robot and makes you waist your life, bit by bit. I know people who wake up at retirement, wondering where their life has gone.

Others are worse, they never wake up, they just exist in a numb environment without feelings, joy or beauty, that takes the life out of them. They never know living.

Everyone has a party mask.

I know so few people who don’t use one, that I can count them on half the fingers of one hand. Those people are powerful, succesful, have a beautiful life and have a charisma that influences everyone around them.

If I would tell you that your mask will cause more damage to your soul than good, would you still wear it?

Take it off, right now.

Be yourself.




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