It is all around you, in everything that surrounds you.

It is everywhere.

You may ask: “But why can’t I see it? Is it hidden?”

My answer to the latter is: No, it’s not.

It is in plain sight, but if you can’t appreciate it it means that you can feel it on a different vibrational level .

You see, beauty is on a positive vibration or frequency if you will. You have to be on that frequency to see it.

If you’re in a negative mood, when you look at the sky and see clear blue, maybe a few fluffy white clouds and a couple of birds, you don’t feel anything. You’re just numb. Or feel angry.

But if you are in a good mood and contemplate the same scenario, I guarantee that you’ll appreciate the beauty and feel happy.

All you have to do is to change your frequency. Is it really that hard? 🙂




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