The real Matrix


Sometimes, I wish they’d ban smartphones in social gatherings.

A bouncer should be placed at the entrance, who would say: “Any guns, knives, smartphones? Oh, you have a smartphone? Give it here. And don’t let me catch you with that again.”

Why do we need smartphones each time we are with friends?

Because once in a while we feel awkward, not accepted, ugly, stupid, or simply because the conversation dies. Everybody uses that time to check their email, Facebook, messages, advance a level in a game, or goes to the bathroom, or takes a cigarette from the package and starts smoking.

By doing that, we look busy, as opposed to stupid if we were to just look at each other in silence, instead.

I’ve been part of social gatherings where 90% of the people there were looking at their phones on a constant basis. That’s not right.

We should all connect, and do that directly. We all should step out of our comfort zone and do something, for God’s sake!

Dance in discomfort! Put that phone down and say something to somebody! They need it just as much as you do!

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