THE RIVER OF LIGHT 2 - How to open the door to happiness

THE RIVER OF LIGHT 2 – How to open the door to happiness

Life is like a game of golf:

When someone distracts you when you’re about to take a swing, you might hit the ball the wrong way and send it to the trees instead of the green.

All golf players know that it takes time and energy to get the ball out of there.

Your life is basically the same: any distraction that gets your attention takes you away from your path, from what you want.

Actually, most people find it very challenging to concentrate on what they want without being distracted. It’s just a matter of time until they get off track, but, with a little work and dedication, it can be done, you can keep focused.

Imagine one day waking up in a good mood, having your breakfast and coffee and leaving for work.

You’re feeling great and it seems that nothing can disturb your peace. You go down the street and right away you realize you were wrong.

There’s all kind of chaos out there: people in a hurry, traffic jams, someone’s bumping into you, the bus and subway are crowded and your shoes get free massages by other people’s.

In a nutshell, you get a free workout. How can you keep your cool in a situation like this? Simple: just keep smiling. No matter what happens to you, instead of getting aggravated just say: “Oh, well…That’s ok.”, keep smiling and continue on your way.

Don’t let anyone, for any reason, change your good mood. Hold on to it as if you would hold on to dear life.

Excerpt from “The River of light 2” – Chapter 1 “Distractions”

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