Incompatibility between generations

This summer I went to spend some time in the countryside.

During my stay, I heard a story that to me was a lesson of life.

The story was about how every one of us functions on a different frequency, having unique dreams, unique thoughts and unique desires.

Every day I used to walk by a house that seemed to fit right in a horror movie. It looked gloomy, aged and old, with a few broken windows and almost suffocated by overgrown vegetation. I became interested in its story, and managed to dig it up.

It sounded something like this:

Once upon a time, about 20 years ago, there was a wealthy family. The father – a veterinarian, the mother – a teacher, decided to build a house for their youngest son. They thought that someday, after their son would grow up to become a man, he would take over his father’s practice and live in that new house.

All said and done, they started building the house and, some time later, finished it. Their son grew up and, against his family’s wishes, decided to follow his own path and move to the big city. It seemed that the country life and being a veterinarian were not on his dream list.

His parents were upset, but what could they do? They couldn’t force him to come back and move into that new house. They begun seeing that their plans for their son’s future had failed, and they were powerless to do anything about it.

Joe Cocker was right in his song “N’óubliez jamais” where he was saying: “…every generation has its way, a need to disobey.”

And here I am, twenty years later, walking by that deserted new (now old) house, never inhabited, with a few broken windows, empty on the inside but at the same time filled with the broken dreams of two parents who thought that they could control the destiny of their child.

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