Today I feel a little bit sad


Today I’m feeling a little bit sad.

Someone said to me this morning that I’m not good enough, but not in so many words.

This situation awakened in me thoughts and feelings from my childhood, things I believed were long gone.

Words spoken by my father, like “You’re good for nothing!” and “You can’t do anything right!” immediately came to mind, and a few tears rolled down my face.

People react to this differently. Some use it to move forward and develop thicker skin, others, like me, retreat into their shell.

I don’t usually do that, because life has toughened me up, but, from time to time, I break down, and it takes me hours and sometimes even days to get over it.

What can I do to change it? I really don’t know. That’s my reaction to stuff, that’s how I’m built. I’m only human.

I’m very good at helping others with their spiritual issues, but when it’s about me, that’s another story. I seem to struggle, but I’ll tell you what: I’m willing to overcome it and change.

I realize I CAN do this and I’ll do everything it takes to resolve this personal issue. Why do that instead of simply leaving it alone? Because it is very important to me to be happy, and this is in the way of my happiness.

You know what? I’m doing this right now.

I’m snapping out of this. I’m too damn important to myself to linger in misery. Yes, that’s what I’ll do!

See ya!



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