The TRUTH shall set you free!

the truth shall set you free

Remember the article Dependence – is it really necessary? I wrote about a week ago?

This is the second part of the story and it involves the truth coming out into the open.

After exhausting weeks of lack of sleep, interdiction, threats and control, my friend decided to Continue reading

Dependence – is it really necessary?


I’m going to talk a little bit about people depending on other people, by sharing a true story.

I have a friend who, her whole life had a problem with choosing the right partners.

On the course of her life, she had a few unusual experiences, to say the least.

She had married a man in order to Continue reading

How important is intelligence in the search for a partner?


Everyone wants someone.

We don’t need someone necessarily; we only think we need someone, when in fact we’re only acting upon our DNA-engraved trait to be social beings.

Women especially prize intelligence in someone who is meant to be their future partner.

It matters a lot, especially because intelligent men are hard to find.

The truth is that Continue reading