The TRUTH shall set you free!

the truth shall set you free

Remember the article Dependence – is it really necessary? I wrote about a week ago?

This is the second part of the story and it involves the truth coming out into the open.

After exhausting weeks of lack of sleep, interdiction, threats and control, my friend decided to tell her partner, the married man, the truth about her affair, because she couldn’t handle the situation anymore. Although she was afraid, she had to. Her own mental health was on the line.

Things were not near as bad as she thought they would be. She was expecting to be beaten and thrown out on the street, but what happened was: her partner remained calm, listened, and then told her that he’ll think about the situation and will tell her his decision later that night.

She was surprised about the outcome. Even if he had all kinds of scenarios inside her head, none of them came true. Her partner came back with a decision, as promised: “Choose: me or him. If you choose him, tomorrow we’ll end everything.”

So she chose.

It was not easy, it took her days to reach a decision.

But she decided. To terminate the relationship with the possessive lover and remain with her partner.

Her lover, learning about her decision and not believing that she had told her partner everything, took action and started threatening her that the married man will find out from him about their love affair.

When that didn’t work, he starting texting her partner, telling him about their relationship. He resorted to revenge. A foolish thing to do, but a powerful last weapon in the hand of a desperate man.

His plan didn’t work though. The married man didn’t pay attention to the texts, he forgave her for her indiscretion, and everything returned to normal.

For how long, no one can say. But, for now, all is well.

And that, just because THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. Every time.


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