Why do people BRAG?


Today I’m going to talk about the internet social and business networks.

It seems like every one of us tries to build an image. A better one.

On Facebook, most people try to make as many “friends” as possible. 100, 500, 1000, 5000!

I’ve never heard of anyone having more than 100 real life friends, let alone 5000!

What is the mentality behind this hunger for friends? And why do we constantly try to increase their numbers?

The answer is: because we want Continue reading

How can you achieve SUCCESS?

successThe secret of the game is to have enough stamina to get the ball rolling.

Have you ever pushed a car that wouldn’t start?

At first, it takes tremendous energy just to get it to move an inch, but when it’s starting to move you can push it with one finger and even run while pushing it.

That’s how it is in life.

You have to be persistent in the beginning in order to train your mind to accept stuff, and later it will get used to it and it will be easier and easier to get what you want.

And that, my friends, is what it takes to be successful.


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Weekly update!

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This is who I am


“One of my interests is discovering a person’s true self.

I have no interest in seeing anyone’s appearances. We all have layers upon layers which help us cope to the outside world and its demands, and I love peeling those layers to discover that, almost always, the person hidden beneath, protected, is in fact fragile, good in nature and beautiful.

Layers like make-up, clothes, jewelry, possessions and social status protect us from rejection and make us beautiful in the eyes of the world, layers like physical or verbal aggression stop others from Continue reading